Winston Churchil schreef :
'If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.'

Als je niet bereid bent te vechten voor het juiste/het recht wanneer je makkelijk kunt winnen zonder bloedvergieten; als je niet bereid bent te vechten wanneer de overwinning zeker is en niet kostelijk; dan kan je tot op het moment komen dat je toch zal moeten vechten met alle kansen tegen je, en er slechts een kleine kans op overleven bestaat. Het kan zelfs zover komen dat je zal moeten vechten wanneer er geen hoop meer is op overwinning omdat het beter is te sterven en vergaan dan te leven als slaven."

09 januari 2013

A black African in Flanders

Artikel/verhaal dat ik schreef voor de Zuid Afrikaanse vrienden, om hun aan te geven dat het hier ook de foute kant is opgegaan. In het Engels helaas, omdat het Nederlands van hier voor velen niet goed meer leesbaar is, zeker niet zulke lange teksten. Het is een lang uitgelopen reactie op een post van een vriend in Zuid Afrika die de vergelijking maakte tussen de situaties vroeger en nu in Zuid Afrika en Zimbabwe ( vroeger Rhodesia)
Moed vrienden in Zuid Afrika en Zimbabwe, ik steun uw strijd en uw bestaan daar , en met mij een grote toenemende groep bewuste Vlamingen/Europeanen. 
De tekst van de Zuid Afrikaanse vriend (eveneens in het Engels) volgt onderaan.

Some 10 years ago a black African Muslim man occupied an apartment in front of one of our workshops in Flanders/Belgium. Free of course, because he was a fugitive so he said. He had of course nothing to do, he still hasn't.
He crossed the street sometimes when I was there and the gate was open to see what we were doing.
He told us at one time that the reason for his being in our country lied in fact with us, since during centuries we had robbed his country. As a consequence he found that he was entitled to our support. He was planning to stay now, because he feared for his life in his country where he had no job, no money. He was also organizing, with the help of social workers , to let his wife (that he confessed had never seen yet because of the arranged marriage) come over. 
I asked him why he hated us so much and still could live amongst us, accepting our money and help. Believe me, his ground floor apartment was furnished and equipped with modern comfort that many of our people must miss. I asked him if it wouldn't have been better that we had never even discovered his country? He then said something nodding 'Yes' like "Inch allah".  
I then said: "imagine, that we would had never bothered to discover you , then you would not have known real schools, no trains, no ships, no airplanes, no health care, no mobile phone, no TV, no  modern tools, no modern clothing, no cars and not even the wheel." 
I asked him then - he was clearly not at his ease anymore-  how old he was. 
"38" he replied.  " Well then, you probably  would have been dead now since people in average didn’t grew older than 35, and certainly not without going through various perils, scars, mutilations, horrible diseases, tribal wars more cruel than known since we whites came. Would you have preferred that? Not being discovered?"  I asked him. 
In his own native language he murmured something, shook his head en crossed the street again towards his free, full refurbished apartment. I followed him with my eyes, he walked differently back then he came. I could clearly see that he confused and even depressed. 
For a long time I didn't see him coming back, but on two later occasions he returned. 
He said then that he was looking for work, and stood there with his hands behind his back.  He needed to find work he said, so that his chances for staying would increase and the procedures go faster, and have his wife come over quicker.

That he would never be expelled and returned was clear and obvious to me. It is the self-destructing policy of our country.

I asked him if he had ever worked before. He nodded somewhat self-assured and answered that he had sold cigarettes, peeled a certain kind of beans and drove a 'jungle car'. 
 "That's a problem as you may know by now, because there are no jobs like that here, and moreover you don't speak our language well enough to understand and learn a job, even to obtain a drivers license. No one would let you drive his car or truck in our traffic situation, and in our company there are no more easy jobs, not even for cleaning. And if  there ever was onee, he would as a muslim have to take orders from a woman."
"I think that you are a racist" he said, without understanding what i said without wanting to understand, without knowing or facing the reality of every day here.
Again he returned home, but by bicycle then. A free one you mind. “Or perhaps a stolen one” told me the little devil in my ear.

Other black people increasingly came to visit him, and after a while I noticed some of them stayed also in his apartment. There was al lot of animation going on in front of his door, and more people came and went, even by bus. Yes these people get to ride free with public transport too. For us and our or employees it is a paying service as you may deduct by now.

On the last occasion he stopped by on his bike he started to talk about islam, allah and his prophet, and that he now studied the quran. Allah would help him in his life, he said, and he asked if we cared to learn it too.
When I boldly replied him that we were atheists, didn't believe in gods and fairytales he was clearly surprised and insulted. I continued then: "Why would you bother for us to become believers, adepts of your faith? You should be pleased that later you will end up in heaven, and all of us, white racists that dared to discover you, pulled you out of the stone ages, teached you, and let you live free and for free in their country on their expense... in hell. 
My workers laughed approvingly.
That was the last day I ever saw him, and some months later we moved to our new
What happened to him is not merely a guess. Since then our government declared two waves of regularization for asylum seekers and even illegals, without ever having controlled their background, reasons and acceptance criteria, simply because they were already waiting to long, or on humanitarian grounds. Not our humanitarian rights mind you.
He has been able since then to let the wife, he was married to by family negotiation, come over. She now is fully veiled, locked up in a kitchen, has 5 or 6 children for witch they receive an increasing allowance as from the first child, will never speak our language, rarely have contact with Flemish people and certainly never with men. She will never learn anything new in this hostile racist white country so is her faith and ordained by their community. Although she will never be able to, or never allowed to have a job, she will inscribe as a . Of course everyone knows she will and can never be hired in, but she will still be able to get an allowance somewhere, the rest of her life.

And the husband:… if he went to school, what I have to doubt, it will taken at least 5 to ten years tot learn, and more if  he is to come on the same level as our children who study at least 15 years after they have been raised in our own language.
By the time he should be ready to join the workforce and become a small taxpayer he will have become old enough to apply for his pension and retire. If he doesn’t find a job he will get unemployment allowances and if not he may count on enough social allowance as a head of family.  In the mean time he will be able to let many of his family come over and stay on basis of the rules of family reunion. He can also continue to hide illegals and participate in the black money economy-circuit.  Then, when retired, he can with the Belgian nationality in his pocket, return to Africa and have his pension transferred there.
All of that without having worked one single day.

Aren't we all here in Flanders and Europe racist greedy bastards? 

(This is not just a tale, this has really happened, and continues to be real. But I survived it. Till now)

Antoine Griffon,
Republic of Flanders ( unfortunately still occupied and bloodletting) 

From the desk of Leon Peacock
Please explain the term "PREVIOUSLY DISADVANTAGED" - Kindly make special reference to following:

1. Who "disadvantaged" the black people of the interior Southern Africa before the (supposed) ‘belligerent’ white settlers moved inland in the mid-19th century? What the settlers found was not hugely advanced infrastructures ­ deep mines, hospitals, vast libraries of written knowledge, imposing instit...utions of learning, etc.

No, as little as 170 years ago, they found masses of black people (indigenous to the Southern tip of Africa) living on the fringes of the Stone Age. Primitive beings dressed in skins, wielding sticks, living in primitive dwellings, dragging - and carrying their meagre possessions around, since they had not been introduced to the benefits of the wheel yet!

2. Ethiopia - a country that was NEVER colonised is today one of the most desolate places on the planet! Who "disadvantaged" the people of Ethiopia?

3. Compare Zimbabwe and Germany with each other and please explain the differences. In 1945 Germany was, for all intents and purposes, flattened to the ground and torn in half. Fifteen years later, West Germany was described as an "Economic Wonder."

Around the same time as the end of apartheid, Germany was re-unified. It yanked the now-unified Germany back four centuries in time.

Yet, in about fifteen years (for the second time within a few decades) it built another 'economic wonder.' Today it is fast becoming a global leader in almost every field!

On the flip side – Zimbabwe’s people were handed one of the wealthiest countries in the WORLD (for example: a currency that was stronger than the US Dollar!)

What is the situation today? Competing with Ethiopia as the most desolate hellhole on the planet? Please explain...

I can carry on for days -- but let that be enough for now.

Just one more request: please, pretty please, kindly respect the intellect of our audience and refrain from cheap (ANC-like) red herrings, for example calling people racists.

Just answer the questions above directly and with tangible substance.

In parting, I would suggest the following: The term "Previously Disadvantaged' is as much a fantasy as is the delusional lunacy that threatens voters with the revenge of the ancestors.

The same delusional insanity that claims the words "KILL THE BOER" really only means, "Come over to my homestead / compound / bunker / mansion / palace for tea and cookies."

You cannot take something from somebody WHO NEVER HAD IT in the first place!

In fact, what is it that white people, specifically white men, are supposed to "give back" to black people?

Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE explain to me what it is that white men took from blacks?

LAND? Blacks NEVER owned any land. Any form of formal ownership is a Western concept. The black tribes of the mid-19th century haphazardly SETTLED in an ad hoc manner - effectively governed by tribal savagery - in other words, the most savage ruled the land (a bit like Hillbrow today).

They simply ran away until they could not run any more - not having ANY grasp of the concept of a horizon or for that matter any measure of finite land mass – for example, the boundaries - that is the fundamental concept of ownership.

MINERALS? More hallucinations aside – for example, ancient gold mines – a little bit like the Zimbabwe Ruins (the Pyramids, etc) - next to the magnificent structure, the indigenous people built stone-age dwellings out of dirt and sticks (at best emulating the birds).

Minerals beneficiation is an entirely Imperialist /Western concept - in fact, in many ways it saw some of the most tangible advances, by WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN MEN - just peruse some of the academic papers at Wits' Engineering Library.

WEALTH? Money, capital and the pivotal mechanisms of the wealth that allows you to breathe, eat, have children, live a rather healthy productive and fulfilling life, but also allowed the cognitive development that leads you to make your daft comments here - it is ALL of Western origins.

In fact, the key advancements in modern finance and economics were made by the DUTCH.

Why do you think New York’s financial centre is called 'Wall Street'? It was initially called 'Waal Straat' when the settlement was under Dutch control - Yes, my dear, the Dutch took their cognitive substance there as well.

The same Dutch that were the most direct descendants of the people who landed at the Cape in 1652.

In fact, the modern 'WEALTH system' was originated by the Dutch and it funded the explorations around the tip of Africa.

Perhaps we robbed the ‘disadvantaged’ blacks of their private jets, 5-star hotels, their Breitling watches, their Italian designer suits, or their German luxury limousines, their Blue Light Brigades or perhaps their space shuttles?

Mmmm... I just hate the implicit assumption that whites stole from blacks.

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